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Monday, December 15, 2014

  • Defend your base by using an old friend you remember from Pong. Bounce the enemy fire back at them. Use your shield to protect your base from attacking tanks and repel their own projectiles back at them! Earn money by killing more tanks and buy upgrades between levels to stay one step ahead of the enemy.
  • Protéger votre base en repoussant les tirs ennemis, diriger le bouclier avec la souris. Et après chaque victoire vous pouvez acheter des améliorations d'attaque ou de défense.
  • قم بحماية قاعدتك بدفع نيران العدو، وتوجيه الدرع بالماوس. وبعد كل فوز يمكنك شراء عدة تحسينات الهجوم أو الدفاع.

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